Google Apps for Work is Now G Suite

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As everyone in the marketing or online world knows, technology is always evolving. Today was no exception, as Google announced its newest creation: G Suite. For anyone who uses Google Apps for Work (aka using gmail for your business), G Suite is it’s brand-spanking new name: Originally, Google Apps for Work was established to help people work together within their favorite Google …

bluehost back to school sale

BlueHost’s Back to School Sale

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Here at Shoobie, we love BlueHost. We have used them exclusively since started our business and always set up our new clients on their hosting service. They have unparalleled customer service and, in our opinion, great value pricing. When Quarter for Your Crisis‘ site crashed the night before the long-awaited e-commerce launch, BlueHost saved the day. Their support team was on the …

7 Tips to Staying Productive: A Guide to Growing Your Side Hustle

7 Tips to Staying Productive: A Guide to Growing Your Side Hustle

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Every month, thousands of creative entrepreneurs gather together across the world to discuss different topics as they relate to growing and building your own business. This month, the Rising Tide Society is focusing on productivity. In preparation for tomorrow’s Tuesdays Together meetup, I was reevaluating my own time-management skills and wanted to share the best strategies I’ve learned for being more …

4 Ways to Optimize Your Images for SEO

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Recently on the blog we covered the basics of adding images to your website. Images are not only a powerful way to convey information and create a better user experience, but they can also be great tools for boosting your website’s Search Engine Optimization. Now that you’ve uploaded your high-resolution images to your website, we’re ready for the next step. Today we’re …


8 Easy, Quick, and Cheap Ways to Boost Your Company’s Local SEO

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important factor that every business-owner should consider. Essentially, SEO contains all of the strategies to increase your website’s ranking on search engines. Not only is SEO important for organic search rankings, but it plays an even larger role when it comes to your company’s local presence. (You can learn more about that on our …


How to Optimize Your Images to Appear in Google Search Results

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Recently, we’ve connected with an amazing group of creative entrepreneurs around the Philadelphia area, many of whom are photographers. We were lucky enough to host an SEO and Digital Marketing workshop for this group, during which we quickly realized a large pain point for many small business owners. [You can download your own copy here!] The photography industry is extremely …

The Impact of Local SEO

The Impact of Local SEO

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Almost two years ago, Google launched a new algorithm dubbed “Pigeon” to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results. Before Pigeon, queries on the Google Search Engine provided results that were much different than searches on the Google Maps platform. The new algorithm aimed to connect web and map searches more cohesively and in turn, tie local results more closely …

What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a very popular term in today’s online world. Yet, for a catch word that is thrown around a lot, there are still many misconceptions about what SEO is – and what it is not. Today, we’re diving into what SEO is, the basics you need to know, and why it’s so important for EVERY company. …